Sunday, June 5, 2011

~ Bliss Yogurt drink ~

Holla there..I back again, thank you to those still stay tuned with my next entry, so today i wanna share something about, what i drink today for my good tummy...what is it? Ok, i've take Bliss Yogurt drink for my good digestion but why Bliss yogurt drink? because bliss made from real fruit juice, contains Inulin ( the only yogurt drink in Malaysia which contains this ) and live cultures, there are 2 ranges : low fat and 0% fat. There are no artificial colouring and contains real fruit juice..WOW intresting isn't? so, lets try it..!!

Here, a few mix-flavour of Bliss Yogurt drink.

Lime+Cucumber+Yogurt = Always to WC ;D

I've take a few flavour of Bliss yogurt drink before, but only this flavour will make my digestion more..more..digest, you know what i mean?, don't laugh me because everytime if i've take this flavour, many time to me to go to WC T_T make it my tummy flat..this is what we need isn't? LOL ;D

With my favourite flavour make me always remember to go to WC
and make my tummy flat...;D

So, take it challenge 14 day Bliss Yogurt drink, let's try it..!!

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