Wednesday, June 15, 2011

- Accused At 17 -

Holla there, good morning, selamat pagi and beunos dias, ;D i just wanna share something to all of your regarding about this movie, actually i've watched this movie many times before, this movie is actually about FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP, where is that meaning about FRIENDSHIP, if you just thinking about yourself? you do the mistake, but you do not admit, end the end you got the revenge from what you do before to your friend, why betray people around you, just because you not admit what  you had done before?

So, lets find out and learned the positive and the negative thing about this movie, but i love watched this movie because this movie i learned something about meaning FRIENDSHIP.

P/S : Kadang kala manusia menepikan soal persahabatan/kawan hanya kerana mahu melepaskan diri dari sesuatu masalah serta mengkhianati kawan sewenang-wenangnya hanya kerana mahu melepaskan diri sendiri.

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